New Wooden Doll

Dear friends,
I want to share with you this friendly doll I´ve made recently.
The sign she is holding: „dovera“ is Slovak word for „trust“.
Today´s world is suffering from the lack of trust between people.
Dont´ you think so?
Nová drevená bábika
Milí priatelia,
tu je moja nová priateľská bábika, ktorá nás nabáda k dôvere.
Dnešný svet trpí tým, že je medzi ľuďmi málo dôvery, nemyslíte?
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5 Responses to New Wooden Doll

  1. Fair Rosamund píše:

    This doll is so sweet! :) ~Lauren

  2. Julie píše:

    She is beautiful!….yes I think the world would be much better to pay forward a little kindness and trustworthiness. xxx

  3. ishtar olivera píše:

    Thank You Zlatica!
    your dolls are AMAZING!!!! So beautiful! wow!!!!
    Their faces are just lovely!!

  4. Kim píše:

    She is so beautiful!

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