On My Table

Here is a peek at my midnight table. :)
Have a beautiful Sunday.

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7 Responses to On My Table

  1. Julie píše:

    These are beautiful!!!

  2. i like the little one in red dress, black hair!

  3. Kim píše:

    Gorgeous Zlatica! I love seeing your workspace too :)

  4. lauren carney píše:

    omg darling!
    these are so wonderful!
    you are so talented!!!!!

    in reply to your delightful comment:
    I wait for the watercoloured illustrations to be completely dry,
    then i go over it in a ‘zig milennium pen 0.005″

    because its so fine you hardly notice if you make a mistake ;)
    unlike the larger / thicker markers which you can easily stuff things up with on watercoloured pieces!

    hope thats helpful lovely x x
    good luck with your arts! (not that you need it, as you are simply fabulous already!!)

  5. Ooooohhh, love them all, so sweet !!!

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