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This was my first idea for this week´s Illustration Friday topic…

Pod zemou
Toto ma napadlo na tému „podzemný“ pre Illustration Friday.

IF – Confined

This sweet big family is lovely confined to each other.
Táto veľká rodinka je pekne s láskou natlačená na seba.
Príspevok pre Illustration Friday na tému: confined = natlačený, stiesnený.

IF- Renewal

New hairdo = new person.
Čo takto si ostrihať vlásky?
Príspevok pre Illustration Friday.


In her world one can be a pioneer even in the sand pit…
V jej svete môže byť objavovateľom hoci i na pieskovisku…
Môj príspevok na tému „Pioneer“ pre Illustration Friday.

Oh, my balloon!

In the evening I´ve finished this little watercolor painting. I have been enjoying painting it so much! I had a dilemma though – if she should have her dress patterned or not. But finally I decided to embelish her just with a tiny lace on the brim of her dress…
Včera som dokončila tento malý akvarelový obrázok. Dievčatku uletel balónik…

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